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How You Can Help

There are many ways that you can make an impact

Image by Marco Oriolesi

Contact Your Representatives

Look up your local representatives and send them our letter along with a note asking them to take action:

• Support ongoing relocation efforts of our Allies left behind

• To take action to Acknowledge the atrocities being committed against the Hazara and other Marginalized Populations of Afghanistan.

●  Pass a resolution or issue a proclamation calling on Congress to pass the Afghan Adjustment Act | We’ve drafted a template for you, available on our website.

●  Light your civic infrastructure in honor of Afghans and those we lost during our conflict.

Image by Katt Yukawa


Help us keep the families we are assisting safe.

• Food Packages

• Safe Housing Support

• Relocation Support for Families Fleeing Persecution

• Medical Needs

• Maintaining _________.

• Insure that we are able to continue this important work.

Image by Tim Marshall


●  Check in with newly arrived Afghans and the resettlement affiliates helping them restart their lives in your local community. You can visit to track down the affiliates in your region.

• Help us spread the word about the atrocities being committed against the Hazara People on social media using the Hashtag #StopHazaraGenocide.

• Pen Pals Program: Sign up to be paired with a family awaiting refugee processing to learn both more about each other's unique culture, help practice their english/ letter writing skills, and make new friends.

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