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Afghan Relocation Effort

We Are Currently Assisting At Risk Afghans and SIV Applicants Safely Relocate From Afghanistan.

U.S. Government Resources

U.S. Embassy Kabul Repatriation Assistance Request

The link below leads to a Repatriation Assistance Request form. Complete this form for each traveler in your group. If you have already completed this form, please do not complete it again. Go to form

U.S. Department of State Special Immigrant Visa Application Information

The link below leads to a U.S. State Department information page for Special Immigrant Visas (SIV), a visa category for Afghans who were employed by the U.S. Government. Go to page

U.S. Department of Homeland Security Operation Allies Welcome Information

The link below leads to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) landing page for Operation Allies Welcome. The site contains news, fact sheets, and other important updates on all things OAW related. Go to page

U.S. Department of State Visa Types Eligibility Wizard

The link below leads to the U.S. State Department Visa Eligibility Wizard, a tool to help determine what type(s) of visa an individual seeking to resettle in the United States is eligible for. Go to wizard

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Humanitarian Parole Information

The link below leads to a U.S. Customs & Immigration Service information page to apply for humanitarian parole, a special status used to grant temporary access to the U.S. in emergencies. Go to form

WRAPSnet Refugee Processing Center P1/P2 Information

The link below leads to the Refugee Processing Center's website WRAPSnet, the authoritative source for information related to P1/P2 processing and other issues impacting refugees heading to the US. Go to page

International Resources

United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) - Afghanistan

The link below leads to the UNHCR Afghanistan page for refugees and asylum-seekers. Go to page

United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) - Asylum Procedures for Turkey

The link below UNHCR’s page for information on asylum procedures in Turkey, including mandatory registration procedures. Go to page

United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) - Pakistan Main page

UNHCR Pakistan main page. For Afghans located in Pakistan, seeking assistance, please navigate to this page. - If you are in Islamabad or Karachi – contact SHARP - If you are in Quetta – contact SEHER - If you are in Peshawar – contact UNHCR Go to page

United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) Help Page

The link below leads to a UNHCR page for resources arranged by country. Go to page

Resettlement Resources

UN & U.S. Resettlement Partners Accredited Agency Information

The link below leads to a UNHCR Information Page on the nine accredited U.S. Government Resettlement Agencies. Resettlement is a coordinated activity undertaken in partnership with UNHCR, U.S. government agencies, NGOs and other actors. Go to page

USA Hello City-Specific Resources Search Page

The link below leads to USAHello’s searchable database of resources available in your city, including legal help, resettlement services, housing, healthcare, job listings, and emergency services. Go to page

U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants Resettlement Office Search Page

The link below leads to a USCRI search page to find your closest refugee resettlement office. Go to page

Legal and Advocacy Resources

Human Rights First Relocation Data Collection Form

The link below leads to a data collection form for individuals who are in need of relocation out of Afghanistan. This list will be delivered to U.S. Government for cross-referencing of need. Complete one form per individual; there is a bulk upload option on the second page for large groups.Completing this form does not guarantee relocation. Go to page

American Immigration Lawyer Association (AILA)

AILA is the premier immigration attorney association and has compiled a wealth of resources on their site linked below to help those assisting Afghans. Go to page

No One Left Behind Special Immigrant Visa Assistance

The link below leads to NOLB’s SIV Support page, a resource for assistance navigating the Special Immigrant Visa application process. Go to page

International Refugee Assistance Project

IRAP mobilizes legal aid, litigation, and systemic advocacy to enforce legal and human rights for refugees and displaced persons. The link below leads to IRAP’s Afghanistan-specific resources. Go to page

Communications and Data Security Resources

In this section you can find information about how to communicate without cellular networks, how to navigate safely without using GPS, and how to secure your online identity or delete your online information.

How to communicate without cell networks

Mesh messaging allows users to contact each other without relying on cellular or WiFi networks. This only works well in close proximity (within 100m max), and works better when there are more individuals whose phones can be used to exchange information and expand that bubble of connectivity.

Bridgefy (iOS, Android)lets you to send offline messages over Bluetooth without internet access. Download Bridgefy here

Signal Offline Messenger (Android)lets you communicate without internet or local network in a range of up to 100 meters. Download Signal here

Briar (Android)lets you send messages between devices without a central server. Download Briar here

How to navigate without GPS

Google Maps can be downloaded to your phone to use offline. Learn how here.

Ehtesab and other apps keep track of checkpoints via crowdsourcing. Download Ehtesab here.

Sharing your location data with trusted individuals in safe areas can help them know where you are and where your last location was.

iOS: How to find friends and share your location with Find My

Google Maps: How to share your real-time location with others

How to delete your online information

Protecting your online identity and removing your personal data from the internet can help you move safely.Evacuate Our Allies has assembled a guide to protecting your online identity. Read the guide here.

These organizations can help you remove your personal data from the internet:

+ Access Now Digital Security Helpline

+ DeleteMe Personal Data Removal

These guides can help you remove personal data from the internet on your own:

+ CCM Guide to Disappearing from the Internet

+ Review42 Guide to Disappearing from the Internet

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